As SELVEDGE, I make dirty, dusty, melancholic, and noisy electronic music. Sometimes leaning toward spacey, ambient vibes. Sometimes with a focus on blown-out beats and fuzzed synths. Sometimes pure noise.


Debut full-length, orginally released on Infinite Sync


Second full-length, orginally released through Vivarium Recordings.


Third full-length, originally released through Wormhole World. Sad boy space ambient.

Here's what ToneShift had to say:

"...on the wryly titled Don’t Sweat Infinity are cavernous passages, like dark voids of cosmic space. Then there are other forms of quiet that are gently disrupted by undulating synths."

Here's what Yeah I Know it Sucks had to say:

"Selvedge seems to have the power to close the curtains, to pull the blankets over our heads and let a fresh darkness rule our mindset."

MUTINY LP (2020)

Orginially released through Mystic Timbre 

...Club deconstructed, tactile, metal pieces repurposed into casino...

"There is a frantic pulse running through this dark, electronic exploration of largely varied industrial textures. Always teetering on the edge of imbalance, MUTINY is a monsterous composition, carved from some dark, gritty material." - Gray Lee, Houdini Mansions (

"It’s nature is dense and overpowering, but SELVEDGE seems to wrestle into some sort of listenable stasis ... MUTINY screeches and wails like some enormous machine slowly eating itself. Rhythm is evidently important, each song seemed to find a slow, almost lumbering speed at which to play. It is a journey through the depths of synthesised sound, and SELVEDGE does not relent at any point." - Listencorp (


Second outing with the great Mystic Timbre. Noise, noise, noise.

HUNGER STONES is the result of a series of live improvisations captured in the fall of 2019, performed and edited into twelve mammoth slabs of raging, claustrophobic darkness.

Interview with Nick Spacek, The Pitch (


Third release with Mystic Timbre. Ambient vibes with a bite.

Seamlessly weaving melancholic drones and kosmische synthesizer journeys, the two sides each unfurl methodically in progressions mirroring the measured, steady thawing of winter stasis. Warmth comes slowly and embryonically, but always eventually.

"Though the experience of SELVEDGE’s latest excursion is a markedly different style than the chaotic, energetic releases that have come before, the artist wastes none of the focus and concentration displayed previously. Instead the skills that went into creating panicked and frantic experiences now feed into a work that moves from warm, glowing ambience to otherworldly trips into abnormal and intimidating environments.." - Listencorp (