As SELVEDGE, I make dirty, dusty, melancholic, and noisy electronic music. Sometimes leaning toward spacey, ambient vibes. Sometimes with a focus on blown-out beats and fuzzed synths. Sometimes pure noise.
Press and Praise:
Signal to Noise: Chance Dibben’s Selvedge freezes moments as bitcrushed memories – The Pitch

“Selvedge seems to have the power to close the curtains, to pull the blankets over our heads and let a fresh darkness rule our mindset.” — Yeah I Know it Sucks

“Though the experience of SELVEDGE’s latest excursion is a markedly different style than the chaotic, energetic releases that have come before, the artist wastes none of the focus and concentration displayed previously. Instead the skills that went into creating panicked and frantic experiences now feed into a work that moves from warm, glowing ambience to otherworldly trips into abnormal and intimidating environments.” – Listencorp 

“Shadows lurk in the music of Selvedge, the solo project of Kansas’ Chance Dibben. His synth sounds and samples are often shrouded in darkness, as if he’s working behind a curtain and we only hear the parts that happen to slip out.” – Marc Masters, The Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp: November 2020


A playlist of favorite tracks from each SELVEDGE release.


Other sounds:

Small Guarantees (2020)

collaborative LP with Til Willis

Wormwood (2022)

Record released under the alias A.D. Luck, made entirely with the Koala app.

ox (2023)

Debut release by Concrete Cedars, a live improvisational trio featuring Til Willis, Bradley McKellip, and Chance Dibben