Circle Inside (2021)

Noisy ambient with a pinch of glitch.

Originally released on limited CD by Wormhole World.
Mastered by James E. Armstrong (@SlowClinic)
Cover art, design, & back photo by Chance Dibben
Released April 23, 2021.

CIRCLE INSIDE is the latest album from SELVEDGE, the noise and ambient project of Lawrence, Kansas-based music-maker Chance Dibben. On previous albums, SELVEDGE explored the reaches of space (DON’T SWEAT INFINITY, Wormhole World) and the depths of the earth (HUNGER STONES, Mystic Timbre and BLOOM IN RUST, Rusted Tone Recordings). With CIRCLE INSIDE, SELVEDGE walks closer to the ground’s surface, resulting in brighter, calmer, and more subdued noise explorations. In fact, the inception of this record began with an imagined trek through a forest, with the artist seeking to celebrate natural life around us, rather than mourn it (as on earlier darker releases). Formed from heavily manipulated improvised drone and synth lines, CIRCLE INSIDE evokes both an inner and outer journey.

“The album flutters back and forth between noise experiments and atmospheric ambience, doing a fine job of balancing light with darkness. Like a putty, darkness and melody are smooshed and folded in upon each-other, manifesting a very thought provoking experience.” – Christofer Hoffman Jacob, Eternity Tree

“It’s another remarkable release that will take listeners further into – and beyond – the galaxy of atmospheric music composition..” – Rob Benny, On the Fringes of Sound