Fresh Ghost (2019)

Dirty, dusty, lo-fi, noisy, haunted music with a post-punk vibe

Originally released through Vivarium Recordings.

Released August 27, 2019.

Whatever your definition of surreality is, SELVEDGE nails it right on the head. Here at Vivarium Recordings, we like to pride ourselves on our artists’ deluges into the unknown through vaporwave techniques, yet there’s something uniquely otherworldly about Chance Dibben’s foray into genres we cannot even properly attribute. Original compositions that blend foreboding atmospheres with playful sound experiments.

FRESH GHOST almost acts as a companion piece to those bizarre moments where you feel as though you’ve briefly entered The Twilight Zone. The environment acting in harmony long past abandonment from it’s human occupants. It would be apt to call this album empty in it’s overall tone, but these environments that Dibben creates still breathe, still feel. They are haunted by those that have long since left but only just returned to our realm, and it is just as beautiful and disturbing as that may sound.