Holler (2024)

A collection of scorched and burnt ambient, noise, and glitch.

Mastered by James E. Armstrong (aka Slow Clinic)
Jacket Art and Design by Chance Dibben
Hook Echo Editions: M12

Released April 12, 2024

Album Bio:

SELVEDGE (aka Chance Dibben) is pleased to present his latest record, HOLLER, a scorched and burned mix of glitch, ambient, and noise. Drawing inspiration from the sonic palette of Low’s “HEY WHAT” and the illbient updates by Jake Muir, HOLLER is an exploration of the barriers that obstruct our voices and the desperate need to connect in the midst of interference. Like the vine behind a fogged window on its cover, HOLLER speaks to the reaching, the saying, the way that, even in a beautifully bitter swirl, we can still find each other.


Included in Bandcamp’s list of the best ambient music, April 2024.