Mutiny (2020)

Loud and nasty techno-blasted tunes.

Originally released through Mystic Timbre on cassette and digital.
Released January 6, 2020

Club deconstructed, tactile, metal pieces repurposed into casino; belly still full of the same guts — the same decaying pulse. The noise doesn’t go away, it gets dirtier. Cables and wires improperly installed, jilted rhythms stumbling over themselves like gamblers intoxicated and high on the finest fumes of oxygen overabundance — a journey outward until the body has emptied itself of soul, and the pockets of cash. Shuffling of husks, enveloping white noise of purely human origin; murmurous and caustic, the hum of infinity sealed. MUTINY strikes a defiant pose in the bowels of the complex, the gutterworks — where it all drains to — with SELVEDGE mining the remnant nodes of jubilant sound and sifting them into a harsh haze, scattered to the crawlways by off-kilter techno jukes and woozy dub workouts. 


SHIMMERING ACTION played on Toneshift | 21 (

AFTER AN IMAGE played on Anticipating Nowhere | Mystic Timbre Tapes Special (

“There is a frantic pulse running through this dark, electronic exploration of largely varied industrial textures. Always teetering on the edge of imbalance, MUTINY is a monsterous composition, carved from some dark, gritty material.” – Gray Lee, Houdini Mansions (

“It’s nature is dense and overpowering, but SELVEDGE seems to wrestle into some sort of listenable stasis … MUTINY screeches and wails like some enormous machine slowly eating itself. Rhythm is evidently important, each song seemed to find a slow, almost lumbering speed at which to play. It is a journey through the depths of synthesised sound, and SELVEDGE does not relent at any point.” – Listencorp (