The debut full-length of Concrete Cedars, an experimental improvisational trio that I am one third of. Country ambient. Punk soundscaping. Sweet noise.

Guitar, No-Input Mixer: Bradley McKellip
Drum, Percussion, Water Harp: Til Willis
Synth, Noise Splatters: Chance Dibben

Recorded by Bradley McKellip.
Mixed by Chance Dibben.
Art by Til Willis

Released September 1, 2023

Concrete Cedars was born from a shared passion for the ethereal realms of sound, a fascination with the infinite possibilities of effects, and a deep love for live improvisation. The trio includes Til Willis; known for his work with Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy and his solo endeavors; Bradley McKellip, an extraordinary guitar wizard renowned for his contributions to The Roseline, Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy, Heidi Gluck, and his solo projects; and Chance Dibben, known for his ambient and noise project Selvedge.

“ox” was captured during a mesmerizing live improvised performance at Lawrence, Kansas’ Replay Lounge on May 7th, 2023. This album highlights the magic that can happen when three minds come together, each bringing their unique musical perspectives and experiences. Every track on “ox” is a conversation and a testament to the power of spontaneous collaboration. Country ambient. Punk soundscaping. Sweet noise.

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