The Real River (2022)

Wind-tilted tracks inspired by harsh winters, seasonal changes, memory, and time.

Album Art by Chance Dibben
Mastered by James E. Armstrong
Additional soundwork by John Hruska

Released March 4, 2022.


Korg Minilogue
CDR Pedal
MOOD Pedal
Cheap Midwestern Beer
Warm legs, cold toes.


“The Real River rides the delicate balance between the moments of beauty when snow covers and mutes every surface and the chaos that is an icerink nightmare. Cracked glass arrangements cut through the whiteout even if the disintegrating electronics are begging to be let inside.”

– Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis

“Created during the harsh winter of the midwestern plains, The Real River reflects a level of coldness in its presentation and delivery. Long and winding drone tracks sit atop on other without creating a sense of thickness but instead sweep through as if they were a frosty wind sweeping across an empty field. Listening through, I found it odd that this somehow doesn’t convey a sense of loneliness. Rather, it feel all too much like home in a place that should feel inhospitable.”

– Lars Haur, On the Fringes of Sound