Thresholds (2021)

Ambient / drone / noise experiments, shaped and reshaped. Melancholic, loud, serene, fried, and stretched. Light to dark back to light.

Album Art by Chance Dibben
Mastered by James E. Armstrong (@SlowClinic)
Released September 27, 2021.

Most of THRESHOLDS was made right after I finished DON’T SWEAT INFINITY, my space ambient thing originally released on Wormhole World (

At the time, I was unsure if I was going to keep doing music. It had started off as a lark, got really serious and intense fast, and I didn’t fully understand my own process yet. I had the idea of doing one more thing that I could be comfortable leaving on.

While I have produced a lot more since this time period, I’ve hung on to THRESHOLDS until now. And really, we are not talking about great time lengths, though the principle I follow as an artist (in all forms) is write fast, edit slow, which is how I end up with a lot of stuff. I think a lot of people would be surprised how long I linger on creative projects before letting them out into the world, even if they’ve reached a pretty good draft.

A lot of the tracks originate from improvised and one-shot synth lines that were further edited or transformed. Often I would make these synth lines on mobile music apps in my car during lunch breaks.

All this is to say that I’m very happy to finally have THRESHOLDS out into the world.

“Worlds collide and break apart, forming new alien landforms in the aftermath once the smoke settles on Selvedge’s latest, Thresholds. Vast sonic expanses rise from ashen fields, marked by contemplative synth drones, desolate soundscapes, and an overarching theme of exploration.” — Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis