Relay is a collection of very short poems constructed from scrambles, slices, and ephemera.

I fed two poetry full lengths, a flash fiction collection, unfinished / busted pieces, college papers, and newspaper articles—all written by me—in a Markov generator tool. The end results were then further rearranged, manipulated, and edited.

Released Aug. 2021

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A Poem:


fingers of God
wait at the buckle.

I drift about
new for blood—

plasma precisely
saving doses—

Perhaps imperfect
incubator of secrets.

The nucleus
as it menaces.

The washing
is a raptor
pocketing scars.

The metaphor
is rain dissolved
behind doors.


“No Mouth, No Horse” uses Breaking Your Horse’s Bad Habits as a source text to explore the nature between human and animal, especially those creatures used for humanity’s purpose.

Released Feb. 2019

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An excerpt:

a horse is made typical and present

the things you ask

            are punishments

there is always something new

                        the wild bad habits

            conflicting fears

what you are asking

            (fear) becomes the bridge

slight to strange

            assuming needs and punishments

spurs disobedience

                        seeks an escape

panic learned dilemma

it will take

            the next whole

his brain is present

imagining the future

“Death by Holograms” is full of poems about death, holograms, and a certain soda. 

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Released 2018


A poem:

death by brain freeze

my brain is not a hologram

yet here I am eating ice cream

on my grandfather’s porch

he died before I was born

so this must be a dream

or a hologram.

I can’t see his face

and he is off in the distance

wearing a bomber jacket

chasing down

the ice cream truck

he just missed.